Susceptible Telecom Support

Susceptible Telecom Support Services company, offering solutions to address Network Life Cycle requirements for Telecom Operators and Technology providers.


Network Survey and Planning

Network Survey and Planning is very crucial for designing any network. Telecom operators need to keep on maximizing the value of existing network resources for increasing coverage and capacity.

Installation and Commissioning

Installation and Commissioning of Telecom equipment includes all the activities needed to make a base station or transmission site operational and to function as a part of a telecommunication network.

Network Testing and Optimization

Our network testing and optimization services help our customers to get the most out of their network investment, with the focus on network performance and end-user experience.

Inbuilding Solutions and Wifi

In Building Solutions are used to extend and distribute the network signals within a large complex’s like stadiums, airports and high rise buildings where mobile phones are unable to properly reach the telecom operator’s macro or outdoor network. 

Managed Services

Managed services or Operation and Maintenance services include day-to-day operation, upkeep and up gradation of network equipments to ensure that the performance is maintained at or above agreed quality levels.